Elementor is truly a versatile page builder platform used by millions of people across the globe. It has two versions, one of free and the other is the premium one.

It all depends on your basic knowledge and practical experience when it comes to choosing one of these versions. But, today we are not talking about Elementor’s versions, this guide is for everyone who wants to know about the best elementor widgets.

What are Widgets?

Widgets are like accessories to a software or an application which further enhance its workability and makes it straightforward for the user to operate the device or software. These small additions to a platform like Elementor can really help the user work with a better understanding and efficiency.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about some useful widgets for Elementor:

Image Hotspot Elementor Widget 

Image Hotspot Widgets for Elementor

Information is the key to attract a higher number of visitors to your page. Hence, with Image hotspot, you can add an image description. When the user brings the cursor to the hotspot, it will display what the image or any of its part is about.

This plugin is super easy to install. Once the widget is set up, you can use the Elementor frontend editor to customize the hotspot icon.

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Photomentor Elementor Addon

Photomentor - Professional Photography Widgets for Elementor

When it comes to decorating your post or page with photos, the photomentor elementor Widget has to be your first choice. With a wide range of options and picture editing features, you can make really make a difference in how your website looks to the viewer. There are a lot of variations when it comes to choosing a gallery, the layout of the images, and it even has an infinite scroll feature.

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Elementor Pro Form

Elementor Pro Form Widget - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

You need a defined channel to let your customers contact you or your organization. For that, use the Elementor Pro Form and add the required fields; also, you can modify its style, font, structure, and whatnot. The best thing about this Elementor’s Widget is that it can integrate with your company’s pipedrive CRM.

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Event Widgets

Event Widgets for Elementor Page Builder

Never leave your customers or viewers guessing about the next sale or workshop. Use the Event Widget, which has up to 10 different layouts to choose from. Include multiple events on a single page and make them look attractive with custom colors. Many users consider this widget as one of the most unique and important additions to the Elementor WordPress Plugin.

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Social Media Widgets

Premium Social Media Widgets for Elementor

Social Media is yet another aspect of the 21st Century, which is essential for every business and individual. With this widget, you can bring your social media presence to your website. It will allow you to connect with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Behance write on your home page. This gives you the freedom to showcase your business portfolio to the viewers directly.

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Off-Grid Widgets

Premium Off-Grid Widgets for Elementor

You may have come across some subscriptions offers that just jump in from any direction while you are checking a website. Well, this is the work of Off-Grid Widgets which provide you with the ability to set up not only these alert boxes, but also you can add subscriptions pop-ups, Call to Action buttons, and a preview window for any image.

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JetElements - Widgets Addon for Elementor Page Builder

1000+ section designs, up to 150 webpage designs, and more than 60 home page templates. This is the least that you will get with the JetElements Elementor WordPress Plugin. In addition to this, multiple elements come with this widget, including pricing tables, posts, bestseller sections, and much more.

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Banners Widgets for Elementor Page Builder

Creating banners for your website is more fun and less work today. Especially with the Banners Widgets for Elementor, you can choose from 15 pre-made banners and customize them as per your requirement. What comes along with them is an ability to choose from different special colors and 1000+ icons.

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Jet Search

JetSearch — An ultra-fast AJAX Search widget for Elementor

Information sharing is the key to develop a good customer base. In order to do that you need to let your visitors easy access to all the information on your website. To do this, there is nothing better than Ajax powered Jet Search tool that can be added to your website. Also, to make things easier, it has the preview feature, which is attractive and also helpful.

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Multi Scroll

Premium Multi-Scroll & Vertical Scroll Widgets for Elementor

This amazing widget makes navigating on your website a piece of cake. This widget is especially important when you have both the desktop and the mobile version of your website. With multi scroll and vertical scroll, you can create an attractive and a fully responsive site.

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Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 Forms and Redirect Widget For Elementor Page Builder

This is one of the most used Elementor widgets, which gives you the ability to collect data without any hassles. You can select from a range of contact forms from the drop-down menu, and it comes with drag and drop integration ability into the Elementor page builder.

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Jet Blocks

JetBlocks - the must-have headers & footers widgets for Elementor

Want to play with different header and footer settings? Go for the Jet Blocks Widget in Elementor plugin. With this plugin, you can include multiple add ons to your header and footer section. This includes adding a navigation menu, hamburger panel, site logo, shopping cart, among others.

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Jet Reviews

JetReviews - Reviews Widget for Elementor Page Builder

What strikes to a potential customer is how many people like your product or service. So, why not create a custom review panel which will attract more customers to buy from you. The Jet Reviews widget is what will help you achieve this. Let the visitors play with beautiful colors and fonts of this review pack that too without any need to learn HTML coding.

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Image Galleries

Image Galleries Widgets for Elementor Page Builder

Build an impressive gallery of the best images that reflect your work. You can use up to 7 pre-built gallery templates and use them to make your business look unique and attractive.

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Icon Boxes

Icon Boxes Widgets for Elementor Page Builder

These icon boxes can really help you set your website pages in order. You can separate services from products and features from other types of content all on the same page with these elementor widgets. There are 9 icon boxes designs to choose from in Elementor.

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All in One Widget

All In One Widgets for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

The name says it all. There are a lot of included secondary widgets for Elementor that are packed in this. Widgets like Image hotspot, iHover, expand grid, float block, and many more come included with this pack.

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Opening Hours Widget

Opening Hours Widgets for Elementor Pages Builder

Always keep your customers informed about your business timings. Use the opening hours widget to add timings and other important information on your page for your customers to know. Don’t worry, you have many options here too. There are 15 templates, and you can customize them with more than a thousand colors only to ensure that it fits perfectly with your website’s design.

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Premium Section Addon

Premium Section Add-ons for Elementor

These widgets are all about adding more design to your webpages. It has features that include Parallax, Ken burns, animation and particles all to add more glamour and make it eye catchy.

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Advanced One Page Navigation

Advanced One Page Navigation for Elementor

Another amazing widget to help your visitors navigate easily throughout the site. With this, you can also create links to other pages from a single page with the help of section ID.

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The Plus

The Plus - Addon for Elementor Page Builder WordPress Plugin

We have saved the best elementor widgets for the last. The Plus Widget is created with innovation. It has many such in-built features and widgets which enhance your customization abilities in the elementor WordPress plugin. As per the good guys at Elementor, this is the biggest widget for Elementor until now.

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Coming to the end of the Elementor Widgets list. This has all those add ons for your website which will make it attractive, efficient, faster, and impressive.

Most of all, these widgets will help you develop a strong customer base only due to a good interactive platform that you will build with them.

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